Social Responsibility

Nutridar's commitment to Social Responsibility aroused on June 2012, by choosing to apply the new standard ISO 26000, and this commitment was crowned on June 2013 with receiving “Recognition Letter” from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - Geneva and Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization on Nutridar commitment to the application of ISO26000 Standard.

As the awareness of social responsibility has increased lately through the population, it is expected now for different businesses to be behaving in a socially responsible manner and be accountable and transparent towards their actions.

Our commitment to operating responsibly and sustainably has and will continue to differentiate us from our competitors. It has helped us to build our strong brand and, ultimately, it will help us to drive sales and to operate more efficiently. As a result, we deeply believe that taking care of our customers, employees, suppliers, and all stakeholders, is of a great importance.

Based on the seven core subjects introduced by ISO26000 standard, Nutridar mission is to review the internal procedure to make sure that we are in line with the duty of being social responsible company, and we strive to meet our responsibility towards society, through our business operations, and all procedures that are related to our business, starting from providing a comfortable work environment for our employees, to meeting the expectations and needs of our stakeholders, whether they are shareholders, suppliers, customers and consumers by providing the market with high standard, quality and safe products.

We at Nutridar define social responsibility as conducting our business in ways that produces social, environmental and economic benefits to the community in which we operate. In other words, it means being responsible to our stakeholders.

Our most important responsibility is to fulfill the expectations of our stakeholders and to continuously improve our social, environmental, and economical performance while ensuring the sustainability and operational success of our company. Social Responsibility approach is our main guiding principle in this matter. We evaluate all of our operations and their impacts on the area in which we operate, while considering social, economic, ethical and environmental impacts.

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